Authority - Day 2 - Mark 1:14-28

Jesus speaks with authority

• Read: Mark 1:14-28

When Jesus spoke, what impressed people most was not his eloquence or his appearance. It was his authority. His words had power - like the words of a king or ruler. In fact, like the words of God.

True, Jesus was just a carpenter. He was very much like the people to whom he spoke. His upbringing and his education were very similar to theirs. But he knew the Scriptures. He knew his Father. And he knew what he was saying.

And then - suddenly - there was a challenge to his authority. In the middle of Jesus’ sermon, a man controlled by evil forces shrieked out. The people saw the intense disturbance of the man’s mind and body. They heard his words, which seemed to come from the dark forces within him. And they witnessed Jesus, as he spoke his words of authority to the man.

Jesus spoke - and the man was well again. ‘He even gives orders to evil spirits and they obey him.’ No wonder the news spread.

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