Candour - Day 33 - Mark 14:53-65

Jesus' trial before the High Priest

• Read: Mark 14:53-65

Sometimes people say that Jesus never claimed to be God’s son. Their assertion is wrong, as this reading shows. Here - in front of the most important priest of all, and in the intensity of a trial - Jesus declared whom he claimed to be.

And he did it with candour that shocked the High Priest. In other words, Jesus’ answer showed absolute honesty and straightforwardness. There was no attempt at a political answer - no desire to appease his critics or to compromise with his enemies.

And his answer left his enemies no desire to compromise with him, either. The High Priest tore his own clothes to show utter horror and revulsion at what Jesus had said. He declared it blasphemy because only the Messiah (that is, the Christ) had the right to call himself God’s son.

That was when everyone present started to do what people have been doing ever since: they started to mock Jesus. They insisted that he could not be the one whom he claimed to be. They rejected him and refused to consider his claim on their lives.

John would later write: ‘He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.’

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