Capture - Day 32 - Mark 14:32-52

Gethsemane: the arrest of Jesus

• Read: Mark 14:32-52

Gethsemane was a garden on a hill overlooking Jerusalem. Jesus and his disciples knew the spot well - it seems that they would often go here to sleep in the open air, beneath the grey-green leaves of the ancient olive trees.

And here, Jesus would carry out his daily prayers. He rose early, and spent much time in prayer. And his disciples would join him. But this night was different.

Jesus began to pray as soon as he arrived. He was deeply troubled. He urged the disciples to pray with him, but they were too tired.

It was Judas’ arrival that woke them up. Judas was not alone. Into that quiet garden entered a crowd, armed with swords and clubs. Judas’ kiss (a usual greeting in the East) was intended to show the guards who Jesus was.

And then chaos ensued. Jesus was dragged away. The disciples ran for their lives. Peter struck out with his sword. Many have wondered whether the young man who barely escaped was Mark, the author of the Gospel. But in truth, they were all in a desperate state.

In the midst of the confusion, Jesus remained clear-minded. He commented that the chief priests could have arrested him any day, in the temple. Was it really necessary to arrange a capture like that?

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