Celebrate - Day 24 - Mark 11:1-11

Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry

• Read: Mark 11:1-11

This was the Sunday we call Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem in a triumphant procession.

It was at the same time a royal procession and a humble entrance into the city - a strange contrast. The people shouted out the traditional greetings for Israel’s king. They laid their clothes in front of Jesus to give him honour.

But Jesus showed great humility. He rode on a borrowed donkey - not on a great horse or in a fine chariot as a king would have done. And no army of soldiers accompanied him.

On Friday of that same week, Jesus would leave Jerusalem. He would have no animal to ease his brief journey. And he would have to carry a cross, which became far too heavy for him.

Some of his friends were present on that occasion too. Their joy had turned to sorrow. But most of the people in the Good Friday crowd were not weeping. Instead, they were mocking Jesus.

How strange therefore that the notice above his cross would confirm what the Palm Sunday crowd so gladly proclaimed: Here was the king of the Jews.

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