Celebrity - Day 1 - Mark 1:1-13

John the Baptist

• Read: Mark 1:1-13

He was an unlikely celebrity. Rough clothes. An uncompromising message. In a surprising location. But for a few brief months, John fascinated the people of Judea and Galilee.

The people flocked to hear his sermons. Boldly, John denounced wickedness in high places; but he also offered practical advice to ordinary people. They too must turn from sin and prepare themselves to meet with God. And the people took his message to heart - uncomfortable though it was.

Like many celebrities, John’s period of popularity was brief. John always realised that it would be. That was why he emphasised that he was just God’s servant, charged with a duty to prepare the way for God - like the man who mends the roads ready for the king’s arrival.

And then, the one whom John spoke about came. Not publicly at first. Not with any air of celebrity or greatness. But with the humble, obedient, willing attitudes of a father’s only son.

But God knew who he was. The Holy Spirit rested upon him. The angels ministered to him. And already the devil was starting to act against him.

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