Confession - Day 18 - Mark 8:22-38

Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah

• Read: Mark 8:22-38

People usually use the word ‘confession’ to mean the confession of sins. But here is a different use of the word: a confession of faith.

And what a great confession Peter made! Other people were saying that Jesus was a great man, a prophet, or even someone raised from the dead. But Peter saw the truth. Jesus was God’s anointed Messiah, as promised through all the prophetic books of the Old Testament, whom God had sent to save his people.

Peter did less well when he heard how God would save his people, though. He did not want to hear Jesus’ prophecy about his rejection and death. Even the promise of the resurrection did not stop Peter from delivering a stern rebuke to Jesus.

Jesus had some uncomfortable advice for those who followed him. They might have to lose everything if they wanted to gain a right relationship with God. But it was worthwhile. It was a better prize than gaining the whole world, because Jesus would return in glory to reward them.

So even when times are hard, God’s people should always be ready to make a bold confession.

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