Crowds - Day 6 - Mark 3:1-19

Jesus teaches the crowds

• Read: Mark 3:1-19

It was an innovative solution to a practical problem. Too many people wanted to hear Jesus. So the disciples prepared a boat from which he could address them. Jesus in the boat; the crowd on the shore. It’s the sort of solution you might expect the fishermen-disciples to dream up.

The crowds were, by now, coming from many miles around. From different countries, in fact. Their needs were great - and they recognised Jesus as the answer to those needs.

The opposition was growing, too. We have the first mention here of a plot to kill Jesus. Strangely, this plot involved Pharisees who were in league with their natural enemies, the Herodians.

As the demand for his ministry grew, Jesus, like Moses before him, appointed first 12 then 70 others to help him. In time, Jesus would send them out to take his message across the whole of Israel. But at first they remained with him - learning from him, and helping him to look after the crowds.

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