Debate - Day 26 - Mark 12:1-27

The day of questions

• Read: Mark 12:1-27

In any debate, the fundamental issues will eventually come into sharp focus. For Jesus and the religious leaders, time was now short. This was the very last opportunity for them to express their views to each other.

Jesus stated his case first. He used a story that everyone, including his opponents, understood. People owed their lives and everything else to God. But those with responsibility had mistreated God’s servants, rejected his message, and hated his laws.

The Pharisees joined with some supporters of Roman rule next. They simply asked whether Jesus was arguing for loyalty to God, or to Rome. Was he trying to stir up a revolution? Jesus replied that, in matters of this world, people should obey the laws of the land. But people should never forget that they owed a much greater duty to God.

Lastly, the Sadducees spoke. They claimed to be loyal to the laws of Moses. But they laughed at the idea of life after death. In an answer which impressed those present, Jesus showed that they were ignoring God’s power to raise the dead; and they were denying the Scriptures that they claimed to believe in.

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