Denying - Day 34 - Mark 14:66-72

Peter's denial

• Read: Mark 14:66-72

Peter did not lack courage.

Of all the disciples, Peter is the one whom we would expect to run away. After all, he was the one who drew the sword in Gethsemane and attacked the High Priest’s servant. Jesus was under arrest, and Peter had every reason to believe that he would be next.

But Peter did not run away. Instead, this bold fisherman chose to spend the night as close as possible to his arrested friend.

Passover always falls when there is a full moon. The coldness of the night suggests a cloudless sky. By the moonlight, Peter could see what was happening. And the High Priest’s servants could see him, too.

It was a maid who first recognised Peter. He was too well-known among the crowds who followed Jesus. And Peter’s struggling attempts to deny his master provided further evidence against him: his Galilean accent.

You could say that Peter’s speech betrayed him. For all his boldness, he still denied that he had any knowledge whatever of Jesus. He did it on that very night when he had vehemently protested: ‘Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.’

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