Dominate - Day 21 - Mark 9:33-50

Learn to serve, not to dominate

• Read: Mark 9:33-50

One of the most unpleasant aspects of religion is the way that people use it to control weaker people. A lot of people are playing politics in our church structures.

Jesus never approved of that. The greatest disciple was not the one who learned to dominate, but the one who learned to serve. And they should not merely be the servants of great people - the disciple of Christ is the servant of the little child, too.

Another aspect of this problem is the urge to disapprove of anyone who does not accept your authority. The disciple John had encountered a man who was casting out demons in Jesus’ name. The man was doing a genuine work of God, but John still told the man to stop, because the man had not been appointed as one of Jesus’ disciples. John was wrong: God rewards anyone who carries out a genuine service for him.

True Christians are as distinctive as salt. They should never misuse the power that they have over weaker people. The desire to dominate drives people away from God. Sinful people may not hesitate to use political power for their own ends. But the true Christian must never imitate their example.

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