Enemies - Day 7 - Mark 3:20-35

Jesus' enemies argue against him

• Read: Mark 3:20-35

It was not just Jesus’ friends who were finding the vast crowds problematic. His enemies also had the same problem. They did not dare to act against such a popular leader. So they invented a clever theory to try to alienate him from the crowds.

Jesus had freed many people from the power of evil spirits. The crowds were fascinated to see people who once were so disturbed return to sanity. They believed that God was doing a wonderful thing in their midst.

And that is why the religious leaders offered their alterative explanation: a Satanic trick. The devil was using Jesus to deceive the crowds, they argued.

Jesus dismissed the accusation easily. God is good. The devil is evil. If the devil was starting to do good things, he would soon destroy himself. So the religious leaders were making a foolish and evil claim.

But even Jesus’ family were worried about him. They made a plan to rescue Jesus from the crowds. Jesus declined the request to go with them. The people needed to hear his teaching. And if they did what God wanted, they would become the members of his real family - the children of God.

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