Fervour - Day 30 - Mark 14:1-11

A woman anoints Jesus with her perfume

• Read: Mark 14:1-11

This was an intensely personal act: one woman expressing her love and devotion to Jesus. But somehow, she carried out that act on behalf of many, many others.

That jar of perfume may well have been the most precious thing that she possessed. The price quoted was 300 denarii - just one of them comprised a working man’s daily wages. But when she broke the jar, she gave it all. The entire room would be filled with the intense fragrance.

Not everyone agreed with that act of devotion. Some of those present criticised her. John’s Gospel tells us that Judas Iscariot was among them. He would not be showing any expressions of love to Jesus. Judas had other, more material, concerns on his mind.

But Jesus approved of the woman’s action. What she did was beautiful. The time to show love in that way was short. This act was preparation for what must follow - like the tradition of placing perfumes on a dead body before burial.

But people would always remember that woman’s silent display of love, her devotion to Jesus, and the fervour that she expressed.

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