A guidebook to Mark's Gospel

Too many people base their opinions about Jesus on the views of churches, commentators and even celebrities. Too few people choose to spend quality time with an authentic source of information, like Mark’s Gospel.

Yet Mark’s Gospel is not a long book. A 5-minute commitment each day over a 40 day period is quite enough to read it through. That is so even if, as I recommend, you read it aloud; perhaps with family; perhaps with a friend on the ‘phone.

And Mark’s Gospel is not difficult to understand. The 40 brief introductions in this guidebook will help you to understand any customs or beliefs that may be unfamiliar today. There are many good modern translations of the Gospel - I suggest you use the New International Version or the Good News Bible; but plenty more are available.

Mark’s style is unusual for a book of such great historic importance: simple, direct, clear and uncluttered. Some would add ‘life-changing’ - but I shall leave you to decide about that one for yourself.

Keith Simons

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