Honour - Day 27 - Mark 12:28-44

Do you care about your own honour, or God's honour?

• Read: Mark 12:28-44

The teachers of the law were the religious experts of Jesus’ day. They were important men: impressive in their learning, distinguished in their appearance. But not all of them shared the same attitudes.

It was true that many of them cared about nothing but their own honour. They insisted on the most important seats - both at public worship and at feasts. They knew how to impress people with their long prayers and flowing robes. And often they used their power corruptly, taking advantage of widows. In short, their religion was a pretence.

But we should never imagine that they all behaved like that. The one who asked Jesus about the greatest commandment cared much more for God’s honour than his own. Not only did the teacher agree with Jesus, he developed and stressed the point that Jesus was making. Love for God is more important than any gift we may offer him, he said.

Even Jesus was impressed by such a wise answer.

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