Imitate - Day 23 - Mark 10:32-52

Imitate Christ's example

• Read: Mark 10:32-52

‘Let one of us sit at your right and the other at your left in your glory.’ James and John were very specific in their request.

Jesus had just explained what would soon happen to him in Jerusalem. And James and John were careful not to request that they would be with Jesus when he was betrayed. Or when he was condemned, mocked, spat on or flogged! They certainly did not want to occupy the crosses on his right and left when he was killed!

But ‘in his glory’; that was something different. They had been at the Transfiguration; they had seen the glory; they knew what would happen in the end and they wanted to be there.

Jesus explained that God was not calling them to be great - but to be servants; slaves even. He had been humble among them; they should imitate his example. James and John would suffer with Jesus (like those who share a bitter drink) but it would be for God to choose their reward.

The Bible records what happened to both men. James died an early death as a martyr. John was imprisoned for his faith, but nevertheless he lived a long life. And now they both share in Christ’s glory.

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