Judging - Day 35 - Mark 15:1-20

Jesus' trial before Pilate, the Roman governor

• Read: Mark 15:1-20

You need to undergo several years of study and practical experience to become a judge. But in the end, there are only a few things that you really need to know.

First, you should listen to all the evidence. Of course, sometimes that is rather difficult to do. Things can get somewhat imbalanced when there are numerous accusations, no reliable witnesses, and an accused person who decides to remain silent.

Second, you must make a fair decision. You can’t just agree with the more powerful side - sometimes you have to defend the weaker party. The demands of justice come first.

Third, you must always ignore public pressure. A judge must never seek to be popular. That is why modern democracies do not allow judges to be politicians. If the mob shout, ‘Crucify!’, the judge must still make the right decision.

But there is another way to run a court.

If you allow public opinion to influence your verdict, you abdicate your own responsibility to judge. If you let people laugh at the prisoner, you are mocking justice too. A crown of thorns is no honour, and a purple robe makes no-one king.

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