Liberate - Day 20 - Mark 9:14-32

A boy is freed from his demons

• Read: Mark 9:14-32

The boy’s list of troubles seems painfully long: deafness, inability to speak, violent fits, multiple burns.

Some may question the diagnosis of demon possession, but this time the father had evidence. The boy had often thrown himself into water or fire, in an unnatural desire for death. It was clear that something very evil had control over the boy. And it seemed determined to end his life.

It seems that the father had heard how Jesus’ disciples had cast out demons previously. This gave him hope. He brought the child to them, but their efforts were without success.

By the time Jesus returned, the father was desperate: ‘Help us if you can.’ Jesus replied that the word ‘if’ expressed doubt. God was able: the man should trust him.

Afterwards, the disciples asked Jesus the reason for their failure. The answer was brief: lack of prayer. Authoritative words alone were not enough. The disciples, like the man, would have to learn to trust God more.

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