Liberty - Day 5 - Mark 2:18-28

What was the real purpose of God's law?

• Read: Mark 2:18-28

Jesus and the Pharisees shared many of the same views about God’s law. They believed that God had given it to Moses; and that its truth was eternal. It was the duty of all God’s people to obey his law.

But there were also differences in their opinions. The Pharisees believed that obedience to the law was an end in itself. They sought to amplify the law with explanations and commentaries. They judged a person’s religion by how completely that person adhered to their teachings.

On the other hand, Jesus taught that the law existed in order to point a person to God. The law proved that all are sinners. It showed people that they must trust God completely. Nobody can get to heaven by means of his own good deeds. Only God can be the Saviour of his people.

The Pharisees had heard such teachings before. This was the message of the Old Testament prophets; and even the Pharisees’ own experts had raised similar issues. But they could not accept such ideas, because they would render their own traditions worthless.

No wonder they argued. Either the law existed to control people like slaves, or God gave it to set his people free.

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