About the author of the gospel

Mark is the surname of John Mark, one of Paul’s travelling companions on his first missionary journey.

It seems that Mark was from a well-to-do Jerusalem family, who had quite possibly been supporters of Jesus from an early stage in his ministry. Mark himself was a young man with a noted gift in languages.

It may well have been that first missionary journey which originally showed Mark the need for a Gospel. Mark accompanied Paul to the island of Cyprus where, possibly for the first time, Mark saw large numbers of people believing in Jesus who had not been eye-witnesses to his ministry.

Mark soon left Paul, in time becoming a valued helper of the apostles. From that unique standpoint, he witnessed the growth of the Christian church. And when he heard about the establishment of a church in Rome - then the capital of the world’s most powerful empire - Mark understood what its members would need. It was for their benefit that he prepared this extraordinary document.

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