Mercy - Day 3 - Mark 1:29-45

The miracles of Jesus

• Read: Mark 1:29-45

Something seems not quite right about the word ‘miracles’. That word seems to imply a showman’s spectacular, designed to draw in a vast crowd.

But the miracles that Jesus did were of a different order. A woman who was ill in her own home. A man with a disfiguring skin disease that forced him to live away from other people. Even the crowd of ill and disturbed people who gathered at night. These were not great public spectacles. They were simple acts that showed mercy.

And when, afterwards, the crowds sought him, Jesus was not there. He chose a private place for his morning devotions. He avoided the attention that he would receive in the towns. He even told people whom he had healed not to make the news public.

In spite of everything, the people still came to Jesus. They knew that they needed him. From this point onwards, the crowds would grow and grow. Perhaps they only wanted to see the miracles. But Jesus would never fail to show them mercy.

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