Parables - Day 8 - Mark 4:1-20

A new method of teaching: Jesus and the parables

• Read: Mark 4:1-20

At about this time, Jesus changed his method of teaching.

Originally, Jesus’ ministry was an extension of John the Baptist’s. Like John, Jesus gave clear and forthright explanations of the Bible, focusing on instructions as to what God wanted people to do: ‘repent and believe.’

But from now on, Jesus would use short stories - the parables. It was just a change in his method; his message remained the same. Jesus intended the simple meanings of these stories to be clear to those sincere people who wanted to hear. But these same parables would be endlessly frustrating to anyone who wanted to trap him by his words.

This first (and perhaps, most famous) parable expresses well what Jesus was doing. The crowds were like fertile ground. And Jesus’ message was like good seed, sown among them. But would the people produce the good results that God wanted in their lives? Would they repent and believe God, and stay loyal to him?

Or would they allow other things to distract them away from what God was calling them to do?

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