A prayer

A suggested prayer as you finish reading through Mark's Gospel

Perhaps as you have been working through Mark’s Gospel with the aid of this book, you have been challenged to respond to Jesus’ call. You have realised that God, who created the world, wants you to obey him. You know that your sins have separated you from God - and that your best efforts are inadequate to give you a right relationship with God. But you want to invite Jesus into your life, and allow him to change your life. All this is possible, because Jesus paid the price for your sins when he died on the cross. Why not pray this prayer, right now?

Lord Jesus,

I realise that you are God. You created the world and everything in it. And you created me, too.

But I also know that I have failed to live a life that pleases you. You know all about my sins. And I realise that, by my own efforts, I cannot save myself.

But I thank you for what you have done for me. I thank you that you died on the cross to take the punishment for my sins. And you rose from the dead so that I can have a real, living relationship with you.

So I invite you into my life. Please forgive my sins and help me to live in the way that you want me to live. Change my life. I give my whole life to you. In time, bring me to your kingdom in Heaven, where you rule.


From the series: Understanding Mark's Gospel

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