Provision - Day 14 - Mark 6:30-56

The feeding of the 5000

• Read: Mark 6:30-56

The disciples ‘had not understood about the loaves’, reports Mark. How strange that is.

With their own eyes, they saw it. There were only 5 loaves and 2 fish, and a crowd of 5000 men to feed. But with their own hands, they distributed the food - and there was more than enough. What could they possibly fail to understand?

Since their earliest childhood, the disciples would have learnt that God provides food - not just for them, but for every creature. They knew and believed that, however hard someone might work, that person’s food is God’s gift.

Now they had actually seen how God provides for his people. It was clear testimony that God was with them. But it was too much for them to cope with when they saw him there, with them, on the lake. It was too incredible to believe that the God who provided their daily food would also be with them in the storms of their own lives.

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