Rising - Day 40 - Mark 16:9-20

The resurrection; the last twelve verses

• Read: Mark 16:9-20

Mark’s Gospel was so well used and loved by the early Christians that the last page of an especially important manuscript actually wore out. So you may need to look in a footnote for our last reading.

The ending that we do have emphasises the disciples’ unbelief. Far from being gullible people, the disciples were actually quite sceptical about reports of the resurrection. Jesus rebuked them because their scepticism went too far: they were showing a lack of faith both in God’s word, and in the message that God had sent his servants to declare to them.

But that was not Jesus’ main message to his disciples. He was now returning to God the Father; his work on earth was complete; and the Father had given the place of highest honour in heaven to him. So now Jesus was sending his disciples out, to start the mission that true Christians have been carrying out ever since. They must go throughout the world with a message that is both a promise (of salvation) and a warning (of judgement). God would give them the abilities that they would need for this task - even providing miracles where necessary.

They obeyed. And that is why the message of this Gospel continues to challenge people to this day.

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