Rumour - Day 28 - Mark 13:1-23

Jesus speaks about the future.

• Read: Mark 13:1-23

Rumours will become reality. Problems will turn into persecutions. Wars, earthquakes, famines, floggings, betrayals, desolation. Jesus’ description of the future was chilling.

But there was another side to his message:

• The Gospel - God’s good news - will be preached. And not just in Israel; in all the nations.

• People might hate those who are faithful to God - but even if their enemies kill them, they will be safe with God in heaven.

• There will be false Christs, but there is no need to be deceived. Jesus has clearly warned about them.

Jesus’ conclusion was better still. He, the Son of Man, will return. He will come in great power, the leader of armies of angels. That is when people will see his glory: the majesty, beauty and splendour of his presence. And he will not be coming without a purpose. He will come to gather his elect, his chosen people, from every nation under heaven.

And today, 2000 years later, this promise continues to give hope to every genuine Christian. Christ will come again.

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