Saviour - Day 31 - Mark 14:12-31

The Saviour of God's people

• Read: Mark 14:12-31

About 1500 years previously, God had shown himself to be the Saviour of his people. The Jewish people were living as slaves in Egypt; their situation seemed hopeless. But by a series of miracles, God freed them from that situation. God sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt and, a generation later, Joshua led them into the Promised Land. To this day, the Jewish people remember those events when they celebrate the annual Passover festival.

By means of the prophets, God had promised that he would again act as the Saviour of his people. Like a doctor who turns from dealing with symptoms to sort out the underlying cause, this time God would attend to his people’s deepest needs.

And this time, God would act on behalf of people from every nation. He would end the power of sin and the devil that dominates their lives. He would free them so that they could live as he always intended: sons and daughters of the living God.

As Jesus carried out the Passover ceremony, it took on a new meaning. His body would be broken, his blood poured out. But not without purpose. His death would be the sacrifice to seal the new covenant - the promise, the agreement, the relationship - that God was establishing with his people.

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