Storms - Day 10 - Mark 4:35-41

A storm on lake Galilee

• Read: Mark 4:35-41

13 miles long and 8 miles wide, Galilee is either a small sea or a large lake, depending on what you want to call it. It is well-known for its sudden, violent storms; those disciples who were fishermen would have often experienced them.

So the storm that made them so afraid must have been a dreadful storm. They thought that they would drown. But Jesus had no such fears. The Old Testament describes God as the Rock of security for his people. Jesus believed it. And he slept soundly.

I wonder why they woke him. Was it to pray? Or to bale out the water? Surely not to speak his words of divine authority to the storm!

But that, of course, is what he did. And the words of Jesus, which had already cured the sick and expelled the demons, proved more than sufficient to calm the raging storm.

And afterwards, the gentle rebuke. Are you still not ready to trust God with your lives?

But the disciples were terrified. They could only ask each other: who is this, who can do such things?

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